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Jack O' Lanterns


Halloween will soon be upon us all! Time to promote your book/s with a spookily themed graphic, book trailer or a short social media campaign. 

Halloween book marketing and promotions are great even if your book isn't of the 'gothic horror' variety. Graphics can of course include pumpkins, witches on brooms etc but can also include autumn/fall harvest themes.

Take a look below and choose your Halloween book marketing promotion. Any questions, just email Claire Harris at

Halloween Graphics

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Halloween Graphic I.JPG

Social media graphics are the images that will stop people scrolling past your posts on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc!

The graphic you use must catch the eye of the reader within three to five seconds, that's all you have.

Claire Harris' social media graphics are customised to your book's genre and show:

* Your book/s in 3D 

* Your sales channel i.e. 'Available at Amazon'

* Your website URL

I am always happy to accommodate your suggestions

One Graphic   GBP£45.00 (approx US$65.00)

Two Graphics  GBP£80.00 (approx US$115.00)



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Halloween Book Trailer

Attract your readers with a Halloween book trailer! 

Your book trailer will be a great advertisement for your book or genre of book. The trailer will be custom built and include images of your book/s and personalized backgrounds that evokes the feel of your book and/or it's genre.

Book trailers are a brilliant way to bring books to life and often encourage readers to purchase a book they might not usually choose.

Your book trailer will be customized with a Halloween background that compliments  your book and it's genre. Featuring your book's front cover, excerpts from your book, reviews and your author website and/or sales channel (i.e. Amazon/Barnes & Noble etc) You can be certain that your book trailer will be totally customized for you - no templates used here!

To design and produce a Book Trailer Video £99.00
(Approx US$140.00)


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Halloween Four Week Social Media Campaign

It's not how often you post and where, so much as what you post. Social Media graphics (the image that accompanies the wording) needs to catch the eye of the reader in about 3-5 seconds and then the wording of the post has to keep the interest and encourage the reader to click on the link to your sales channel (i.e. Amazon etc). Think how much information is thrown at you on your newsfeed everyday and how much of it you automatically dismiss as you scroll through. You need to make each post count!

A Four Week Halloween Themed Social Media Campaign includes two customised graphics (no templates used here!) Twice weekly posting on your FB author page, your personal FB page, Twitter, Instagram and to FB book groups with over 450,000 members.

Price: GBP£100.00 (Approximately US$139.00)

4 Week Social Media Marketing Package


4 Weeks
2 posts per week
2 Customized graphics

GBP £100.00
(Approx US$139.00)

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*Your Social Media Graphics can be used across Facebook, Instagram and Twitter
* All book genres welcomed
* Social Media Graphic can feature one book or a series

Please note: Price includes ONE AMENDMENT ONLY only for both social media graphics (whether purchased alone or as part of the Halloween Four Week Social media campaign). Any amendments after that will be charged at GBP£10.00 each (Approx US$15.00) For amendments made to Halloween Book Trailers - again ONE AMENDMENT ONLY Any amendments after that will be charged at GBP£15.00 each (Approx US$21.00)
* Payment is via PayPal (You can use PayPal with a debit/credit card if you don't have a PayPal account)
*Authors will be contacted within 24 hours after payment has been received to discuss requirements and ideas.

* If you don't receive an email, please check your Spam/Junk folder
* Claire Harris Book Marketing Services reserves the right to refuse refunds

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